Saturday, March 10, 2012

On The Book Shelf...

I love finding genealogical treasures! While picking through books at a used book store in Saint John, I discovered a wonderful little book entitled “The Descendants of Charles Dyer Wilcox on Grand Manan Island - New Brunswick Canada”. The small 52-page book was written by the late Mr. Elmer N. Wilcox in 1980 and not only offers great genealogical data on the Wilcox, Card and Dyer families but also several photos of the Wilcox family that I am sure any Wilcox researcher would love. Plus the book offers additional insight on early community of Grand Manan Island. Back in the last century, many folks would privately publish books such as these and today these rare little gems can offer some unique data that we may not find in the archives or library. Books such as these usually use reference material such as family bibles and good old oral discussion with people long departed. It is a great find and will certain be a wonderful source data for those Grand Manan queries that I tend to stumble upon.

"The Descendants of Charles Dyer Wilcox on Grand Manan Island"
Elmer Wilcox, 1980

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