Sunday, November 20, 2011

On The Book Shelf...

A friend recently reminded me of a book on short stories of Charlotte County that was published a few decades. The book, “Stories from the Fog’s Inn” was not on my library shelf and so I went off to search and after a month of poking around online and in the corners of local used book stores, I finally have a copy. Published by Charlotte County Community Ventures Inc. back in 1990, the book is a collection of short stories steep in local folklore. The majority of the book’s sources come from “storytellers” from many of the county’s schools. Despite being full of “stories that my grandfather told me”, this book does provide for an interesting read and sheds light on many local folklores include tales of ghost and place names. A few of my favorite stories include: “Lake Utopia Sea Monster”, “Milkmaid of Tunaville” and “The Legend of Deer Island”. Though not built on facts or historic research, this book is a must for anyone interested in the tales of Charlotte County.
Stories from the Fog’s Inn
Charlotte County Community Futures Inc. 1990, Beacon Press. ISBN: 0-9694552-0-8

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