Saturday, May 11, 2013

On The Book Shelf...

I finally got my hands on a copy of “The Family of Zadock Hawkins”. The large, hard-covered book (over 700 pages) was published in 2005 as a collaborative effort by three of the books authors: Lynn Garn, of Virginia, Ronnie Hawkins Sr., of Michigan, and G. Christian Larsen of Pennfield. This book details eleven generations of descendants of Zadock Hawkins and his wife Lydia Wilmot. In additional, information is offered on the ancestors of Zadock and his wife, as well as details on the places that the Hawkins families settled. The three author pull together years of research into a single, comprehensive source. This book is the most recent purchase in a series of local family genealogy books. Priced at $50 plus shipping, the book is certainly worth its weight in valuable data! If you would like to order a copy, please visit Online Order Form or send an email to Chris Larsen. By the way, Chris has been the coordinator of RootsWeb’s Parish of Pennfield (Charlotte County, NB) website for the past decade.

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