Sunday, May 1, 2011

On The Book Shelf...

In the age of the internet, one would think that there would be little need for the old printed form. Well, there are still plenty of books out there that have not been scanned to the internet or available as eBooks. Over the last year, I have obtains a few worth mentioning:

1. Translating Tombstones, by Minda Powers-Douglas; published by Epitaphs Magazine Publishing (2008) - Minda introduced me to a new word: “Taphophilia" which means "the passion or enjoyment of cemeteries". Yes, that sums me up! Unfortunately for most, cemeteries are taboo and should be avoid. But to those of us that find them to be vital links to the past, we do enjoy them and find the stories that they tell to be simply fascinating. In Minda's book, she offers insight and explanations to life (or death) in a cemetery. The book offers some assistance on recognizing and translating common symbolisms found in a cemetery. If you're looking for a good starting point to help understand cemeteries in North American, then take a look at Translating Tombstones, available via Once there you will find plenty of other fascinating publications on cemeteries including "Epitaphs Magazine".

2. East Saint John (a Historic Canada series), by David Goss and Harold Wright; published by Arcadia Publishing (2011) - what do you get when you team up two of the most knowledgeable and respected historians in Saint John? A wonderful book that is full of interesting glances back through East Saint John's colourful history. Both authors have their own respected repertoire of books but it is great to see two great historians work together. This book, along with many other books from these authors, can be found at

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